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When a girlfriend has sass, she’s found where she belongs in the world. A sassy girlfriend knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it in a big way! She knows who she is and is confident and comfortable in her own skin. She doesn’t spend time thinking about her flaws or what she doesn’t have in life— she just works on improving what she can and accepting the rest.


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Is it possible you have become disconnected with the person you were created to be? Do you often feel like something is missing? Do you desperately want to change your life but don’t know where to start? In our busy lives as women, we take on many roles and responsibilities. Relationships, family and obligations fill our days and we lose sight of who we are at our absolute core. Slowly, we let go of the dreams we had when we were young. We end up rationalizing that we have no choice but to continue to live the life we are living. Before you know it, we are struggling to find meaning in our lives and we wonder how we got to this place!

Through individual and group coaching, I can show you how to change your life, fulfill your dreams and rediscover who you were truly meant to be!


  • Working with Shari was a truly transformational experience for which I am so grateful for. She was instrumental in helping me to recognize my strengths and weaknesses and what might lead me to happiness in my life. After only a few sessions, Shari was able to help me to sort through issues that I was hanging on to that might have kept me from achieving my goals. I very much appreciate how invested she was in making sure I was getting what I needed out of the process. Because she has so many personal connections and contacts, she was also able to suggest avenues and people that could be helpful in moving forward with my career path. Working with Shari was truly a positive experience and am so grateful for the insight I have gained from it.

  • Since beginning my work with Shari, the changes in me are immeasurable professionally and personally.  I feel that with Shari’s guidance, I have come into my own and made significant progress towards many of my goals.  I know for a fact that I could not have done it on my own.  It takes hard work but it is possible.  Having a person like Shari to help you along the way is worth every penny you spend and every hour of your time.  I am sad to say goodbye but I don’t need to see Shari as often anymore.  Things are going so well for me now but I know that she will be there if I need help in the future.

  • When I met Shari, I knew she had a special gift with people.  She smiled and listened.  I had been battling with self-esteem and basing my decisions and  how I felt about myself on what others thought of me.  As we talked each week, and I shared circumstances I had encountered in my life, Shari pointed out the reasons I was struggling and why. Then gave me the words to say to change what I was saying to myself. Although I still have a lot of work to do, I now have the tools to the work to become the person God intended me to be, myself with my gifts and my talents. Thank you Shari.  I so appreciate you and how you have helped me.

  • Shari Goldsmith helped me turn my failing business around!  For the past three years insurance companies have been drastically cutting payments to physical therapy clinics, and all of us have been struggling to stay alive. I had made many small changes to become more cost efficient; then I had to make several BIG changes to be able to treat more patients with fewer physical therapists.  We barely avoided going over our own fiscal cliff.  Just in the nick of time, we started seeing huge volumes of patients.  We knew it would take two to four weeks to start seeing that money come in, and, at the same time, we needed to keep our patient volume at those new high levels. I went on LinkedIn to connect with the doctors in L.A. in order to maintain the relationships without having to struggling through front desk gatekeepers.  I saw a women’s business conversation and answered the question:  “What one decision in your career do you regret?”  I wrote that I left fitness behind, a cash business, and went to physical therapy, an insurance-based business, and now that insurance payments were dropping by the moment, that old cash-based business looked very good to me. Shari reached out to me through LinkedIn. We talked for half an hour to an hour once a week for nearly two months.  By then things were looking a lot better.  Shari asked me a crucial question:  “What did you do that suddenly increased your patient volume?”  I was ready to tell her of all the new marketing things we were doing when it dawned on me:  I had connected directly with the doctors and was setting up lots of face-to-face meetings with them.  THAT was what had changed. That one question has made me realize how important it is for me to stay in direct connected with our referring physicians.  And now I do.  THANK YOU, SHARI!  You’ve been an important help to me at a crucial time.

  • I met Shari a few years ago at a networking event and I took her card to keep her mind incase I met someone who might need her services, never thinking that the person who would need her services would be me! I thought I was a strong person until I found out (When I was 8 months pregnant on our third child) that my husband had cheated on me. I’ll spare you all the details that maybe just fell a tad short of being good material for an episode of Jerry Springer but I felt totally lost and felt like I had nobody to talk to because I didn’t really want anyone to know until I figured out what I was going to do. So I went through my collection of network contacts and found Shari’s card and I gave her a call , honestly not really expecting her to be able to help me but just looking for an open ear. Our first meeting I fought hard to hold back the tears but having talked to her I felt confident that this sassy lady could help me get through this difficult time. After our first session, she told me something that my husband had been trying to tell me for  years but I never paid attention. I dealt with conflict in a bad way, if he did something that upset me , I wouldn’t talk it out I would just be mad at him and hold onto it for days , sometimes weeks .Without realizing, through the way I dealt with conflict, I had been pushing my husband away for years and while I take absolutely no responsibility for his actions I have taken responsibility for the problems in our relationship at the time. This was a HUGE breakthrough for me and if this was the only thing I learned from Shari it was well worth the investment! In addition she helped me get more organized, she helped me see strengths I never knew I had and helped me to stop acting like an employee in my own business. Obviously what happened still hurts and nobody knows what the future holds but through the changes Shari helped me to make I am much more positive and have been able to move forward ,this in turn has brought about some positive changes on my husband’s behalf also. So all I can say is if you are going through a crisis or you just know you could be managing your daily life better, please contact Shari – Thank you Shari I will never forget what you did for me. A grateful and now sassy girlfriend.